Klevernote 1.2 changes

By June 22, 2016Updates

We are thrilled to release version 1.2 of Klevernote. For the past months we have been working hard to bring you these awesome features:

  • Variables in note titles
  • Auto insert current date and current location for date and location fields respectively
  • Date formats customisation
  • Evernote log in is now optional
  • Evernote sync (notes in Evernote can be modified within the app)
  • Bug fixes

Let’s go into some of them in detail.

Evernote sync

We have totally reworked how the app uses Evernote. Klevernote used to be a tool to send notes to Evernote. However with this release, Klevernote is a lot more than that.

Evernote sync is now optional

Users can now save notes locally without having to send them to Evernote. Although Klevernote was born with the intention of being a great tool to send notes to Evernote, we feel that imposing this limitation restricts the usage for certain users. Now you decide if you want to send to Evernote or just save the notes locally for each template you create.

How the sync works

Notes you save in the app are saved locally and sent to Evernote when this option is enabled. Notes sent to Evernote can be modified in the app, and these modifications will be reflected in Evernote.

However, if you are sending the notes in append or prepend mode, notes can only be sent and the changes you make in the notes within the app won’t be reflected in Evernote.

Please take into account that at the moment Evernote to Klevernote sync is not possible, meaning, changes you make in Evernote won’t show in Klevernote.

Evernote sync is now a premium feature

Klevernote is evolving. Is no longer just a tool to send notes to Evernote, it is a fully featured note taking app with database functionality. Therefore, we feel that the primary function of the app should be to easily store, manage and find your data while third party services sync will be added bonuses (we plan to add more services soon).

This means that existing users of the free version get to keep their existing templates with sync enabled, but new templates created will save notes locally only.

Variables in note titles

A much requested feature, you can now insert any field as part of the note title.

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