KleverNote Diary – Capturing My Day Even While I’m on the Go

By August 18, 2016Customer stories

Keeping a diary is a good way to let some steam off after dealing with the many ups and downs of our day. Writing about our negative experiences can help us somehow release pent up emotions that we can’t express otherwise. On the other hand, writing about our positive experiences help us remember and emphasize the good things that took place during the day. We are able to recognize and acknowledge our blessings, which in turn can encourage us and motivate us to keep going. It is also one way of becoming happy. Moreover, writing about our day enables us to reflect on our experiences – what we did wrong, what we did right, and what we can learn from them.


Diaries that Don’t Work

Keeping a diary was something I did as a child. Being shy, it was the perfect way for me to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that was still private and personal and where I don’t have to worry about what others would think. My diary became my best friend — the only one who knew everything I thought about.

However, it annoyed me that my folks would try to read it or that my brother would teasingly keep it in an unknown location. That actually discouraged me from writing in my diary during the latter part of my childhood. I also later realized that I had written so many diaries that I’ve already lost track of where I kept them. I would later move to different places, too, which meant that I could not bring boxes of diaries with me wherever I went. Even if I could bring them with me, the pages would be really old and yellowed already. Some pages would have also already been torn, making them ineligible for reading. Moreover, even if I do get to keep all of them, it would still be next to impossible to find an entry should I want to recall and read about a particular event or day. It would simply be too much work to have to go through the piles of diaries.

As I was growing, I turned more to the electronic form off a diary or journal – the blog. Finally, no one can intrude on my thoughts and my feelings. I can truly keep my diary private because I can protect it with a password if I choose to. I can even attach photo to my blog posts. However, writing on my blog can be quite cumbersome as I would need my laptop or personal computer to write on it. I don’t always bring my laptop, though, especially when I’m traveling as I fear that I might lose it. As such, I would often just leave it at the hotel or wherever I’m staying. I would then usually write on my blog at night, before I go to sleep. However, I would often be too tired or sleepy that I would have to put off writing on it to a later time. That would mean, though, that the memories would no longer be as fresh in my mind. As such, I will have failed to capture the intensity of my feelings, thoughts, and experiences. As of late, I don’t even get to write on my blog anymore as I get so busy with my daily responsibilities. Writing about the events at a much later time would also be pointless as it becomes more of a pain than a fun experience to recall the previous days’ events.


KleverNote Diary – The Simplified Way of Tucking in My Memories

Thank goodness for technology and thank goodness for KleverNote. An iphone app that’s available for free, KleverNote has a Diary template that allows me to write about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences for the day. What’s awesome about it is that I can take it wherever I go, since I always bring my phone with me anyway. As such, I can always write about an awesome or a disappointing experience right after it happens. Alternatively, I can write some short notes about it while waiting for my ride or my ordered food to come. I no longer have to wait till I’m comfortably seated in front of my computer or laptop to do so; hence, allowing me to better capture the richness of my experience. Since my iphone is always with me, I can bring it even when I’m traveling to unknown places, which can be quite problematic if I were to bring my laptop. Moreover, not only does the KleverNote Diary app allow me to write down my thoughts on the fly; it also allows me to attach a photo with my diary entry for the day. It is true that there are times when just one photo is enough to capture the memories of that day.

diary1diary2As well, some unique features of the KleverNote Diary are that it allows me to indicate the weather for that day, making it even easier to recall the things that took place on that day. The app also allows me to rate the day in terms of how good or bad it went. I think it’s just another interesting feature that can motivate me into aiming for more high-rating days.

Another nice feature that I really like and that physical diaries and blogs don’t have is that KleverNote allows me to easily search for specific entries. As such, if I need to find an important piece of information that I know I wrote down in one of my diary entries or if I just want to relive the wonderful experiences that I had on a particular day, then KleverNote’s Search feature will allow me to easily find it. I also no longer have to worry about keeping boxes of physical diaries or about how my blog posts are organized. KleverNote takes care of this for me!

diary3Lastly, it’s cool that I can change the way my Diary looks as the app allows me to customize its appearance. This ensures that I can still have a Diary that reflects my taste and style.

Indeed, nothing can be easier and more convenient than having your Diary on your iphone so that you can bring it with you wherever your feet may take you. In this age of technology, even journaling can be done as you’re on the go. With an app like KleverNote, you can now easily do so!