Learning from My Travels with KleverNote

By August 18, 2016Customer stories

I love to travel and with every new place I go, I am sure to learn many things. I learn not only about the place’s history and its beautiful features, I also learn about the people’s culture and customs. Indeed, traveling provides me with limitless and unique experiences.

However, traveling doesn’t only give me new experiences and allows me to encounter new people and new things. I also learned that the more I travel, the more I got better at it. For sure, comparing my recent trip to my very first would show that I had a difficult time at first. I had to basically grope my way around traveling and going to a strange place. This was especially true on my first solo trip. However, I’ve realized that I’ve gotten better at it through time. I find that I no longer experience as many snags along the way, that I have a better instinct on how to deal with certain situations. I also find myself sharing many tips on the do’s and don’ts of traveling with my friends.

Right now, though, all of this information stays in my head. I tend to just keep mental notes of what’s acceptable in one place that is not acceptable in the next. I try to remember what worked best for me during a trip, as well as what blunders I should avoid in my next. Indeed, I encounter so many different experiences in the different places I go to as each place has its own idiosyncrasies. I just wish I had a better way of keeping track of all of these “lessons learned,” not only for my own benefit but also for the benefit of my friends or family with whom I can share the information.

I do keep a blog, and I’m sure that many of the lessons I learned from my various trips are written somewhere in those blog posts. However, with the many blog posts I’ve written, it would be difficult and would take long to find the specific information that I need. After all, my blog is a hodge podge of my various thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They’re also mostly for my own use, that is, my blog serves as a diary and not necessarily to provide others with information.

In this regard, I wish I had a better way of documenting the practical lessons I learn from my trips — an easier and more straightforward way and a way that’s specifically intended to provide information and not merely reflections. Not only will such information be useful for the other people in my life, such as my family and friends; I might also be able to later on turn all of the information I’ve gathered into a book! I just need an efficient and organized way of gathering the information.

KleverNote – A Collection of Lessons from My Travels

I came across KleverNote as I was browsing through the apps on the App Store. Since it was available for free, I downloaded and installed it on my iphone. It has cool features and is great for note taking. However, what I love about it is that it has many templates that will cater to the various needs of users. I was fascinated with the Places I Visited template, as it was exactly what I was looking for.

The Places I Visited template is an app that allows me to take note of the important and practical things that I learn from my trips in an easy and straightforward way. Unlike a blog where I have to pretty much write everything in prose, the KleverNote app has fields that I just need to fill in. In other words, it saves me the effort and time spent on introducing or labeling the information I write down. With the KleverNote app, everything is already classified into different types of information such that the information would still be readable anytime I choose to refer to them in the future.

The app allows me to take note of what I like most about the place, as these can serve as reasons for me to go back to that place or for me to suggest the place to a friend who’s planning their next trip. Of course, it can also serve as a travel log for those who do not blog, as this app helps them keep a record of their experiences on their trips. Indeed, a user can use the app for whatever purposes it serves them.

placesvisited1 The app also allows me to take note of the do’s and don’ts when traveling. For example, I learned that chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore and that in Hong Kong, people tend to drive on the left but walk on the right. This may be confusing for certain tourists. I can also use the app to write down some of the local words or phrases that a tourist would need to use in order to get around the place. This is especially true for countries where the people don’t speak much English. In addition, I can attach a picture of the place in my entry, and I can also rate the place, according to how much I liked it.

placesvisited2With the app’s Search feature, I can easily find the information I need, either for my own use or because a loved one asks for it. In this regard, I know that I’d still be able to easily access all of the information I need even as the number of places I visit grows.

At first, I thought that the app doesn’t have fields for the other types of information that I want to keep track of. An example would be the Must-Try Foods in that Place. I need not worry, though, as I found that I can easily modify the template, either in terms of its appearance or in the fields included.


Indeed, KleverNote’s Places I Visited template provides me with a unique and convenient way of taking down the important things I learn from my trips. Since I have the app right on my iphone, I can even write down my thoughts even while I’m on my trip. I no longer have to get home to do that. This way, I have less chances of forgetting the strange yet insightful experiences I encounter along the way. Indeed, KleverNote makes sure that I don’t miss learning the important lessons from my trips and that I learn each of them well.