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In this day and age, it can be easy to lose focus on the good things in life. Everywhere we look, there seems to be something negative going on. As I start my day and travel on my way to work, I already see people who beg for food or who are homeless and living on the street. When I get to work, I hear my colleagues gossiping about another employee in the company. When I finally get home, I turn on the TV to relax and unwind, but the first thing I’d see are news about the crimes that took place that day. I also get to see the news about the different kinds of wars that are taking place overseas. As such, I have stopped watching the news for a long time now. After a long day at work, watching and hearing about the unfortunate events that take place in society just make me feel depressed. They do nothing to help me feel rested after a day’s work.

Because of all these negativities, we can’t help taking the good things in life for granted. We hardly notice them anymore. We’re always rushing to the next meeting or to the next chore that we fail to notice the good and beautiful things around us. Our days are filled with activity after activity. It seems that we no longer stop long enough to reflect on the good things around us and to appreciate them.


The #100HappyDays Challenge

Some time ago, a friend tagged me to complete the #100HappyDays challenge on Facebook. It was a challenge where, for 100 days, you have to post about something that made you happy that day and to include a picture that represents it. Despite my busy schedule, it seemed like a fun challenge. Everyone also seemed to be doing it, so why not?

Well, I found it not only to be a fun experience, but an enlightening one as well. Because I was “obliged” to make a post everyday, I was forced to reflect on my day and to recall the good things that happened to me that day. What I realized over the course of those 100 days was that even on the supposedly bad days, there were still some good things that made my day happy, no matter how small they were. It made me realize that even the mundane things mattered.

After the 100 days were over, I was having such a positive experience from recognizing and acknowledging the things that made me happy everyday that I decided to continue doing it, this time changing my hashtag to #365HappyDays.


The Birth of My Gratitude Posts

After a year of doing the HappyDays challenge, I wanted to keep the activity going, as I found the experience to be very enlightening. It also taught me a lot about my life and about others during the year that I’ve been doing it. However, it was silly to use a hashtag that goes something like #365HappyDaysYear2. As such, I changed my hashtag to #GratitudePost.

This worked just as effectively. I found that the more grateful I was of the blessings I received, the more of them I got. In addition, it allowed me to reframe my perspective of things where I learned to instead focus on the positive things that come out of my various experiences. I learned to be grateful for all the blessings I received during the day, no matter how big or small they were. This allowed me to still be thankful for my day despite the things that may have gone wrong. As the Law of Attraction states, we magnetize the emotions we’re already feeling. This means that if we feel positive then we attract more positive things into our life and vice versa.

Up to that point, I’ve been posting my Gratitude Posts on Facebook. The problem was that when I wanted to look for a post from a specific day, then it was next to impossible to find it since they’re mixed in with all of my other posts and I do tend to post a lot!


Grateful for KleverNote’s Gratitude Journal

I was then very delighted to find that KleverNote had a Gratitude Journal template that would allow me to record and track my daily gratitude posts or entries in an organized manner and that would allow me to easily access the post from any date. I found that writing down the things I was grateful for was not the only thing that was helpful about keeping a Gratitude Journal; rather, being able to go back to my previous entries also allowed me to realize that I have received so many blessings and that I have so much to be thankful for.

What’s even more amazing about KleverNote’s Gratitude Journal is that it has prompts that help me in my reflection. It also helps me consider all of the areas in my life that I should be thankful for, such as the challenges and the different people I’ve encountered during the day.


The interface is also customizable, which means that I can change the colors or texts on my Gratitude Journal so that they resemble my style more. To do this, I just need to click the options or gear icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

What’s more is that the Klevernote app is available for free on the App Store. Indeed, this app is just one more thing I can be thankful for. With this app, I can easily write down a journal entry anytime I want to and wherever I am. I normally write my grattude posts before I go to bed, but sometims, I get too sleepy that I no longer get to write them. Well, with Klevernote’s Gratitude Journal, I can already start writing my entry for the day even as I’m taking my lunch or even as I’m waiting for my ride. Likewise, if I need a boost on my mod, then the app also allows me to easily read through my previous entries.

gratitudetemplate1gratitudetemplate2With Klevernote’ Gratitude Journal, I never run out of reminders about how good life is!

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  • Brisa says:

    Hola te escribo por aquí porque no encontré otra fórmula…estoy encantada con klevernote, estoy trabajando en una base de datos para mis pacientes y está siendo útil. La pagué pues me pareció imprescindible para sincronizar con evernote. ¡Pero no da resultado! Puedes poner un tutorial para este tema y explicar las diferentes opciones de modo de enviar? porque no las entiendo…Gracias!!!