Staying Financially Clever With KleverNote

By August 18, 2016Customer stories

We all have so many things that we want to do in life – to travel, study, start a family, pursue a hobby, and learn a new skill among others. We also have so many things that we want to buy – a new gadget, new clothes, a new car, or even a new house. It’s true that we never get satisfied with what we have and that we keep wanting more. However, the truth is that most of these things are not for free. They would usually involve money. As such, it is important for us to plan how we earn and use our money. This ensures that we are able to provide for our basic needs and still have some left for the things that are nice-to-have.

In this regard, it is important for us to be able to keep track of our expenses. Although not everyone is keen on sticking to a budget, it is the right thing to do, especially for people who have limited resources or who have so many plans on where to use their money.


Why Expenses Tracking Has Been So Challenging for Me

I, too, try to keep track of my expenses, but aside from the difficulty of actually sticking to a budget, the other challenges I encountered are ensuring that I diligently list down all of my expenses for the day and finding a great tool that will help me with tracking my expenses. It is often the case that I would forget some of the things I purchased or paid for during the day since I usually list them down at night, just before I go to bed. There are even some days when I don’t get to write them down at all, which means that it would be very difficult to remember everything that I spent the day before. At this point, I would usually get disappointed that I’m not able to consistently list down all of my expenses that I end up discontinuing tracking my expenses altogether. Of course, this is really not the best thing to do, as regardless of my frustrations, it would still be best for me to monitor them and to stick to my budget.

Then there’s the problem with the tool. I used Excel spreadsheets for listing my expenses. However, as time went, I found myself having a hard time organizing my expenses data. Do I organize them by year, by month, or by week? Do I use a separate file or just a different tab for each time period? Whether I grouped each time period into separate files or separate tabs, I would soon have so many files and tabs that searching for a specific piece of information would not be something I’d even like to think about. Indeed, it’s an inefficient way of saving information about my various expenses. Of course, applications like Notepad and Microsoft Word would be even more inferior. In addition, although I have a degree in Computer Science, creating a database or a small app just for the tracking of my expenses would be too cumbersome considering that I have such a busy schedule and when I just want a simple way of tracking my expenses.


KleverNote — A Smart Way of Managing My Expenses

It was truly a relief that I stumbled upon the KleverNote app for my iphone. It is available for free, so why not try it? I was very pleased that the app had a template for tracking expenses. It was exactly what I needed and what I was looking for. With the Expenses Tracking template of KleverNote, I no longer have to worry about which fields I need to adequately monitor my expenses as the app already has everything laid out for me.

expensestracking1expensestracking5It even allows me to attach a picture of the item that I purchased or a proof of the payment that I made, such as the receipt that I received for an item that I purchased or the check that I issued for my monthly rent. This is a really cool and useful feature as it allows me to easily recall the payment I made. With all of the things that I pay for everyday, I can easily forget about them. I might also get easily confused with the item names if some happen to be similar with each other. As such, having an image with the expense record removes any doubt in my mind about what the expense is about. Moreover, this is a good way of keeping electronic copies of receipts and other important proofs of payment, as they may come in handy in the event that disputes occur.

I also no longer have to worry about how to organize the information for my daily expenses as the app takes care of this. It even has a Search feature that allows me to look up any expense information I need.

expensestracking3Moreover, if I prefer a different color for my app or if I find that I need to add more fields for my expenses records, then I can easily do that by clicking the options or gear icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen.


expensestracking4expensestracking6 Finally, with the KleverNote app on my iphone, I can enter my expenses for the day anytime. I can even do it immediately after I make a payment! This has actually turned into a habit for me after some time of using the app. I choose an item I want to buy, pay for it, and then enter it on the KleverNote app before I move on to my next activity. I no longer have to wait till bedtime before I update my expenses. I can do it even while I’m waiting for a friend or as I’m watching TV. With the KleverNote app, there’s no more reason for me to forget about any expense I incurred during the day. KleverNote allows me to efficiently keep track of my expenses. As such, there’s no more excuse for me not to remain within my budget. This will also allow me to keep track of my savings better, ensuring that I get to go on the next trip as planned or that I get to afford the newest iphone model that will come out in several months!