Action Item Task

By March 16, 2016

Are you an uber busy person that you’re having a difficult time keeping track of your various activities and schedules? Well, you can now make sure that you don’t miss any of them! With the Klevernote Action Item Task template, you are sure to complete all of your to-do items for the day!

You can conveniently access the Klevernote app from your iphone, which means that you can easily go over your tasks for the day and make sure that you don’t miss anything. If a new to-do item comes up as you go through the day, you can also take note of them by adding them to your Klevernote Action Item Task template. If you’re the organized and systematic type of person, this Action Item Task template is sure to be a real treat!

The Klevernote Action Item Task template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for your action item
  • Location – The option that allows Klevernote to  detect and record your location
  • Due Date – The date when you should complete the action item or task
  • Action Item – The task that you need to complete
  • Status – The progress status of your action item (Not started, awaiting response, Completed, etc.)
  • Date Completed – The date when you completed the action item

You no longer need to be confused with all your activities for the day. With the Klevernote Action Item task, you’ll be able to set your priorities and ensure that all of the important things are accomplished on time!