Alarm & Door Codes

By March 13, 2016

Do you have a security alarm installed in your house and just keep forgetting the codes? Perhaps you have a number of houses and you keep getting their alarm codes mixed up? Well, it will surely be helpful for you to have a copy of these alarm codes. This way, you’re sure to never accidentally set off the alarm and that you’re able to get into your home without much trouble. However, it s not wise for you to keep a hardcopy f these codes as they might fall into the wrong hands. Instead, a better option would be for you to keep a copy of these codes on your iphone! You can protect your iphone with a pass code, which means that only you can access the information on it.

In this regard, a great app that you can use for keeping a record of your alarm and door codes is Klevernote’s Alarms and Door Codes template. This simple iphone app enables you to store the alarm and door codes to the different locations where you may have installed security alarm systems. You can also use this to store the codes to your safety deposit boxes and other coded locking systems. Indeed, Klevernote’s Alarms and Door Codes template enables you to be smart about keeping your home safe!

The Klevernote Alarms and Door Codes template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for the alarm and door code
  • Place — The location of the alarm or locking system
  • Code – The code to turn off the alarm or to unlock a safety lock