Communication Planner

By March 16, 2016

Do you have a lot of engagements and have a hard time keeping up with all of the meetings you need to attend? Do you constantly have to coordinate with people for different projects and concerns? Download Klevernote’s Communication Planner template in order to better organize your many meetings and coordination efforts. The Communication Planner template allows you to plan for the many meetings you need to preside in or attend. By using this Klevernote template, you will be better prepared for every meeting, and you will be able to make sure that you don’t miss tackling an important area of concern. By being able to properly plan for every meeting, you can make sure that each one is productive and that all pressing matters will have been addressed when it ends. Moreover, with the Klevernote app installed on your iPhone, you will no longer have to worry about leaving your meeting notes at home or about forgetting where you placed those meeting notes. For sure, you never leave the house without your iPhone!

The Klevernote Communication Planner template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for the communication plan
  • Follow Up Scheduled – An option that allows you to indicate whether a follow up is scheduled for this particular communication plan.
  • Follow Up Date – The date when the follow up should be made.
  • Next Steps – A list of the tasks that must be completed after making the follow-up
  • Communication Plan For – The name of the project or engagement for which the communication plan is for
  • Meeting Date – The date when the meeting will be held
  • Topic to Discuss – The agenda for the meeting
  • Points Discussed – The important things that were discussed during the meeting (e.g. action steps, decisions made, issues raised, and others)
  • People to be Notified – The names of the people who need to attend the meeting or who need to be informed about what transpired during the meeting