By March 12, 2016

Do you need a way to keep a record of your business colleagues’ contact details? Do you want to keep them separate from your personal contacts to avoid confusion on your part? Klevernote’s Contacts template allows you to do this! With Klevernote’s Contacts iphone app, you are able to store all of the relevant pieces of information about a business partner, client, or supplier that you may not be able to do so when using the regular Address Book.

The Contacts template can also be easily installed on your iphone. As such, you can easily take note of a potential business partner’s contact details whenever you meet them. If you like to go to business events in order to network, this iphone app is perfect for you as you would no longer need a notebook to write down all of the pertinent information about a business person whom you met. With only a few taps on your iphone, you would already have all of the information you need to start exploring ventures with your new business contact!

The Klevernote Contacts template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for the business contact
  • Photo – Allows you to attach a picture of your business contact
  • First Name – The business contact’s first name
  • Middle Name – The business contact’s middle name
  • Last Name – The business contact’s last name
  • Title — The business contact’s title (Ms., Mr., Mrs.)
  • Company Name – The company with which the business contact is affiliated
  • Department – The company department where the client belongs
  • Job Title –– The business contact’s designation or job title
  • Phone – The business contact’s contact number
  • Email – The business contact’s email address
  • URL – The URL of the business contact’s website
  • IM Account – The business contact’s Instant Messaging account for apps like Skype, Yahoo!, or Google Hangout among others
  • Location –– The contact’s business address
  • Date of Birth – The business contact’s birth date
  • Notes – Other pieces of information about the contact that are not covered in the previous fields