Daily Photo Diary

By March 13, 2016

Are you the visual type and find that you express yourself better through the use of images? If you like to keep a record of you daily experiences, yet do not have the knack or interest in writing, Klevernote’s Daily Photo Diary template may just be the thing for you! This iPhone app allows you to attach images to your daily diary where such image represents your experiences for the day. If you find picture-taking to be fun, then you would surely have a blast in making sure that you have a special photo taken every day. By using the Daily Photo Diary template by Klevernote, your future self would surely be delighted at going through all the photos you took to help you remember each day. All those photos will surely bring back memories. In this regard, your future self will definitely be glad that you used the Daily Photo Diary template to document your life. Moreover, since this app can be easily installed on your iPhone, you are always ready to take that important snapshot even without your favorite camera. The use of this iPhone app. also ensures that you can enter a new photo diary entry at whatever time of day and wherever your feet may take you.

The Klevernote Daily Photo Diary template has the following fields:

  • Title – A title that best describes the day
  • Date — The date for the photo diary entry
  • Photo – Allows you to attach a photo to your diary entry where such photo represents your experiences during the day
  • Memo – Any remarks or notes that you may have regarding the day or the photo that you attached