Daily Planner

By March 16, 2016

Are you the type who’s fond of using organizers? Are you one of those who feel disoriented when you go by your day with no plans? Well, Klevernote’s Daily Planner template is for you! This template enables you to plan for your day to ensure that you get all of the important things accomplished. Klevernote is an iPhone app, which means that you have access to your daily planner as long as you have your iPhone with you! With this iPhone app, you’ll never miss an important task or event again!

The Klevernote Daily Planner template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for the day’s activities
  • Date – The date you are planning for
  • Inspiration – Your inspiration for the day
  • Most Important Things to Do Today – Your priorities for the day
  • Exercise – The type of exercise you plan to perform on that day
  • What’s For Dinner? – The meal that you plan to prepare for dinner
  • Today’s Agenda — What you plan to tackle or accomplish for the day
  • Tomorrow – Reminders or notes for the next day
  • Notes – Additional notes or reminders for the day