By March 11, 2016

Are you the type who likes to keep track of all your adventures and misadventures in life? Do you like to be able to capture your best moments in a fun and easy way? Klevernote’s Diary template allows you to do just that! Let Klevernote be your best iPhone diary app.

We all know that our smartphones are the only gadget we can never leave home without. As such, having your diary on your phone ensures that you’re able to bring your journal wherever you go. With this “portable” diary, you are sure to be able to capture and document every important or exciting event as it happens.

The Klevernote’s Diary template allows you to keep track of your daily experiences and even allows you to attach a picture to your journal entry. In addition, it enables you to highlight the feelings that the experience has given you!

The Klevernote template has the following fields:

  • Title – A catchy phrase to instantly make you remember that day!
  • Date – The date of your journal entry
  • Memo – Your journal entry for the day
  • Photo – Allows you to attach a photo that will remind you of that memorable day
  • Emotion – The emotion you’re feeling that day
  • Weather – Select the weather for that day

Indeed, journaling and keeping track of your daily diary entries has never been so easy. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting an important event. With the Klevernote Diary template, you’re sure to document and capture all the details of a wonderful day and even of a not-so-wonderful day. After all, every experience counts! With the Klevernote Diary template, you’ll be sure to have all your memories right in your pocket!