By March 12, 2016

Are you in charge of keeping track of the donations made to your organization? Are you holding a fundraising event for a certain cause? Surely, you would want to keep track of the donations made, not only for the purpose of keeping track of the amount being raised, but also of keeping track of the donors, so that they may be properly thanked and recognized for their contributions.

Naturally, keeping track of the donations when you have a ton of other things to do can be a real challenge. But there’s no need o fret! With Klevernote’s Donations template, you can easily keep track of the donations as they come in. With the Klevernote app right in your iphone and with your iphone being with you all the time, there’s no need for you to carry a notebook and pen around. You can easily place your iphone in your pocket or bag, making your hands free to shake your donor’s hands.

The Klevernote Donations template has the following fields:

  • Title – The name of your fund-raising drive
  • Location – The option that allows Klevernote to  detect and record your location
  • Recipient – The name of the person who received the donation
  • Date – The date when the donation was made
  • Donated By – The name of the donor
  • Amount – The amount donated
  • Method – The method by which the donation was made (Cash, Credit Card, Bank transfer, etc.)
  • Description   Notes and other information about the donation

Klevernote’s Donation template makes your donation and fund-raising drive easier to manage! With all your donor information properly stored and organized, you’re sure to be able drive straight to your targets!