By March 12, 2016

Do you have an active social life? Do you get countless invitations from friends? Do you have a lineup of concerts or parties that you have to go to? Being socially active means having to remember so many details – dates, venues, themes, and others. Keeping track of all these takes away some of the fun from actually going to them. Well, you can now relax! Klevernote’s Events template will help you keep track of all this information! You no longer have to miss out an event or be late for one. The Events template from Klevernote ensures that you have all the events information you need on your iphone. Wherever you may go or whatever time it may be, you can easily check out the details for the next party you’ll attend and have something to look forward to!

The Klevernote Events template has the following fields:

  • Title – A fun title for the event
  • Start Date – The date when the event will start
  • End Date – The date when the event will end
  • All  Day – An option that allows you to indicate whether the event will be held all day
  • Location – The venue for the event
  • URL – The website where more information  about the event can be found
  • Notes – Other details or important information about the event that you want to remember

The Klevernote Events template allows you to keep all those events information organized. By having them all in one place, you would definitely have more time to spend on prepping up for your next event, whether as the organizer or the  attendee. Indeed, having the Klevernote Events template will allow you to focus on having fun!