Fav Jokes

By March 14, 2016

Do you like being the life of the party by cracking jokes that make everyone laugh? Or do you simply like to have a collection of jokes that you can read to lift your mood? Well, what you need is an iphone app that will allow you to keep an electronic copy of all your favorite jokes. This ensures that you have a joke ready to enliven a party or make a boring date more interesting. Even if you just like reading them to have a good laugh and feel good, having a collection of jokes with you at all times will really come in handy. What’s more, this iphone app allows you to classify the jokes, which will further help you easily find the joke that’s right for the occasion.

To enable you to do this, you can download Klevernote’s Fav Jokes template. This is an iphone app that allows you to easily save the jokes that you like, whether they’re your own or something that you heard or read somewhere. With the Klevernote Flav Jokes template on your iphone at all times, no one will ever call you boring and uninteresting again!

The Klevernote Fav Jokes template has the following fields:

  • Title – The title of the joke
  • Subject – The topic of the joke; what it’s about
  • Funniness – The joke’s classification based on how funny it is (Meh, Sort of funny, Amusing, Hilarious)
  • Joke –The actual joke