Food Diary

By March 13, 2016

Are you weight conscious and are keeping tabs on your calorie intake? Although there are online calorie counters available, you probably don’t need such detailed information as you don’t get to eat all those foods anyway. If there are certain foods that you frequently eat and for which you would like to be reminded of their calorie count, then Klevenote’s Food Diary template is for you!

You can access the Food Diary template right on your iphone, which means that you can easily watch what you eat wherever and whenever you choose to eat. For sure, your iphone is a mainstay in your bag or purse. As such, you always bring all those dietary information with you. Unlike a book that can be bulky and where searching for food items can take time and unlike online calorie calculators that list the calorie counts only of individual food items, the Klevernote Food Diary template allows you to store and keep track of the calorie information of entire meals. This saves you time spent on making calculations. By using the Food Diary template, you are able to get more accurate calorie information on the meals you take.

The Klevernote Food Diary template has the following fields:

  • Title – A fun title for the food diary entry
  • Meal – The name of the meal
  • Kcal – The number of calories in the meal
  • Photo – Allows you to attach a photo of the meal

Indeed, many people are conscious of their health and want to stay fit. If you are one of these people, then a Klevernote Food Diary template is another tool that you must have in order to ensure that you stay on track!