Homework Assigments

By March 14, 2016

Are you having a hard time keeping track of your school notes? Are you having a difficulty remembering where you jotted down the instructions for the next day’s homework? Well, whether it’s your project or assignment instructions that you need to keep track of, you can now readily do that by using Klevernote’s Homework Assignment template! This template allows you to keep all your homework information right in your iphone. You surely never go without your iphone. As such, having an iphone app that helps you keep track of all your school assignments can’t be any more convenient! Now there’s no more excuse to miss your deadlines or to cram on the last day of submission. Klevernote’s Homework Assignment template will readily keep all the school assignment information  you need!

The Klevernote Homework Assignment template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for your homework
  • Subject – The class where you need to submit the homework
  • Assignment Details – The instructions for your homework
  • Date Assigned – The date when your homework was assigned
  • Due Date – The date when your homework is due.

The Klevernote Homework Assignment template helps you keep a record of your daily assignments in an organized manner. Anytime you need to refer to some assignment instructions, all you need to do is tap your iphone! By using this template, you will never have to be late for an assignment and you will be able to prioritize your homework accordingly. If you’re a student who’s vying for honors, using the Klevernote Homework Assignment template will surely help you get to the top!