Important Dates

By March 14, 2016

Are you the type who keeps forgetting important dates like your aunt’s birthday or even your prom night? Well, an efficient way to help you remember these dates is for you to have an app installed on your iPhone. For this, you can download Klevernote’s Important Dates template. This template allows you to keep a record of every important date so that you never forget them again. With this iPhone app, you are reminded not only of the recurring events such as birthdays and anniversaries but also of one-time events such as your graduation day or the day when you received a job promotion. By using Klevernote’s Important Dates template, you will be reminded of that important date wherever you go.

The Klevernote Important Dates template has the following fields:

  • Title – The event or occasion on the specific date
  • Date – The date for the event or occasion
  • Memo – A description of the event or occasion, or why the date is important
  • Photo – An image that reminds you of this date
  • Location – The place where the event was held