Important Documents

By March 16, 2016

Do you tend to keep a lot of printed documents and later end up forgetting where you placed them? Let’s face it. Not everyone is uber organized and not everyone has the space needed to keep everything organized. In this regard, the next best thing is to keep a record of where you store your documents, especially the important ones. This way, you just have to refer to your records when you need to look for a document and not waste too much time in searching for it.

To help you do this, use Klevernote’s Important Documents template. You can quickly install this on your iphone, which means that you can easily find out where you kept a document, even at a moment’s notice. This iphone app even enables you to keep a scanned image of your document, which will come in handy in the unfortunate event that the actual document gets lost or stolen. Klevernote’s Important Documents template can help you keep backup copies of your most important documents so that you can easily retrieve or recover from the loss of important papers. Moreover, since you can bring this app with you wherever you go, you are also able to reference the important information in these documents whenever the need arises.

The Klevernote Important Documents template has the following fields:

  • Title – The name of the document
  • Photo – A scanned image either of the entire document or of the important part of the document
  • Place Where It Is Stored – The location where you kept the actual printed document
  • Notes – Any other information or remarks you may have about the document