Interview Cheat Sheet

By March 16, 2016

Do job interviews make you nervous? Do you find yourself stumbling for words even when you know exactly what you want to say? Well, just like any examination, you should also go to job interviews prepared. This will enable you to communicate effectively with the interviewer and to highlight your strengths and why you’re the best person for the job.

To help you do this, you can use Klevernote’s Interview Cheat Sheet template. This Klevernote template allows you to take note of the things you should remember during the interview. As this app easily installs on your iphone, you can also go over your notes just before your turn comes up. In addition, you can easily update it with your impressions of the company right after your interview finishes. This ensures that you don’t forget anything. In this regard, the Klevernote Interview Cheat Sheet enables you not only to do well in your job interview; it also allows you to indicate the pros and cons of the job, which will later help you decide on the job you should accept. By using this iphone app in your job hunting endeavors, you will surely land your dream job in no time!

The Klevernote Interview Cheat Sheet template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for the job interview you’re going to
  • Company – The company where you are applying
  • Position – The job position you are applying for
  • Interview Date and Time – The schedule for the job interview
  • Location – The office address where the interview will be conducted
  • Phone – The company or interviewer’s contact number
  • What I Love About The Position – The main reasons that you are applying for the position
  • Skills I Bring to The Position – A list of your competencies and skills that make you qualified for the position
  • Challenges to Address – Your weaknesses with regards to the position and how you plan to address or work around them
  • Questions to Ask – A list of the questions you would like to ask the interviewer with regards to either the company or the job position
  • Accomplishments To Highlight — A list of your achievements that are relevant to the position
  • Not to Forget – Other things that you would like to mention during the interview
  • Follow-up Needed – An option that allows you to indicate whether you need to follow up on this job application
  • Send Thank You Notes To – The name(s) of the interviewer(s)
  • What I loved – A list of the things that you liked about the company or the job position
  • Red Flags – Your concerns regarding the job or the company