By March 16, 2016

Making sure that we take the right and proper medications is crucial as taking them incorrectly can prevent us from getting cured or can lead to even more health problems. However, having the doctor’s prescription as your only record of your medications is somewhat risky as you can easily lose that prescription or it might get crumpled to the point where the writing becomes illegible. This is why it’s better to have an electronic copy of your prescription — to make sure that it doesn’t get lost This also makes it easier for you to reference it whenever you take your medication.

But where should you store all your medication information? Well, an easy solution would be Klevernote’s Medications template! Since this app can be installed on your iphone, you’re sure to have access to it wherever you go and whenever you need to refer to your medications information. You never have to worry about taking the wrong medicines again, as all of your prescription information will be right in your pocket.

The Klevernote Medications template has the following fields:

  • Title – A title that will enable you to easily identify the client call
  • Strength – The amount of drug in the usage form
  • Dosage – The frequency or size of the drug or medicine
  • Date Started – The date when you started taking the medicine
  • Date Discontinued – The date when you stopped taking the medicine
  • Reason For Taking – The health condition that is being treated by the medicine
  • Medication Name – The name of the medicine
  • Photo – Allows you to  attach a picture of the medicine to make sure you’re taking the right one
  • Comments – Other notes or reminders you may have about the medicine