Meeting Minutes

By March 16, 2016

Are you a corporate professional who often meets with people from different levels of your organization to discuss projects and other organizational concerns? Are you perhaps an entrepreneur who often meets with clients? You can make the most of these meetings by making sure that you take down the meeting minutes. This ensures not only that there is a common understanding of the decisions made during the meeting and how you and your colleagues plan to move forward; it also provides you with a reference for what you need to do after the meeting is finished

Keep an organized record of all your meeting minutes by downloading Klevernote’s Meeting Minutes template! This is an iphone app that allows you to take note of the things discussed in the meeting in a systematic manner, making it is easy to refer to them later on. It also makes it easy to share the information with the other meeting participants as the information is already organized. With this app installed right on your iphone, you no longer have to bring a pen and paper to your meeting, making you look more professional and efficient. In addition, this prevents the risk of having the meeting minutes misplaced if they were written on paper. With the Meeting Manures template by Klevernote, you can focus on getting things done quickly and efficiently!

The Klevernote Meeting Minutes template has the following fields:

  • Title – The name of or purpose for the meeting
  • Date – The date when the meeting was held
  • Attendees – The list of people who attended the meeting
  • Points Covered – The things that were discussed or the decisions made in the meeting
  • Points to Work On – The issues that still need to be addressed
  • Follow Up Date – The date for the next meeting or for the submission of the deliverables expected from the meeting participants
  • Notes – Other information or remarks about the meeting that were not covered in the previous fields