Movie Collection

By March 12, 2016

Are you a movie buff with a growing collection of movies, or do you have a list of movies that you are dying to see but can’t get to yet? Then Klevernote’s Movie Collection template is what you need!

Klevernote’s Movie Collection template allows you to keep a record of all the movies in your collection. Even if you don’t have one, you can still use the Movie Collection template to keep track of the movies that you want to see but don’t have time for yet. This ensures that you don’t forget and miss out on the great movies that you want to see. As soon as you get the time to relax and watch a movie, then you will no longer have to search your brain for a good movie that you haven’t seen. Simply launch your Klevernote Movie Collection template and you’ll instantly get a list of great movies that you have yet to see. Moreover, with the Movie Collection template right on your iphone, you can easily save the information for a movie that’s playing in the mall or in your friend’s house but which you would rather see in their  entirety in your home. The Klevernote Movie Collection template will also surely come in handy, especially when you and your friends want to have a movie marathon.

The Klevernote Movie Collection template has the following fields:

  • Title – The title of the movie
  • Photo – Allows you to attach a picture that is associated to the movie (e.g. movie poster, photo of the movie’s stars)
  • Plot Summary – The gist of the movie’s plot
  • Genre – The movie’s genre
  • Year Released – The year when the movie was released
  • Actors – The names of the main actors and actresses in the movie
  • Watched?  — An option that allows you to indicate whether you’ve already seen the movie or not.
  • Audio Commentary — Allows you to record  your comments about the movie
  • Rating – The rating that you or the critics give to  the movie