By March 10, 2016

Whether you’re a budding poet or just someone who recites lines in their head, Klevernote’s Poem template is just what you need!

With Klevernote’s Poem template, you can easily write down your thoughts and visions whenever and wherever inspiration strikes! Did the sight of a child playing with their dog send that warm tingle in your heart or did that beautiful flower made you think of how beautiful life is? Whatever it is that catches your whim, you can easily and conveniently write about them in Klevernote’s Poem template.

Even if you’re just someone who appreciates poetry, you can still use Klevernote’s Poem template to store your favorite poems! With your iphone with you all the time and with the Klevernote app, you will never go without your poetry fix! If you’re feeling down and you feel that you’ll find solace by reading your favorite poem, no problem! Reading it is just a few taps away!

The Klevernote Poem template has the following fields:

  • Title – The poem’s title
  • Location – The option that allows Klevernote to  detect and record your location
  • Author – The name of the poet who wrote the poem
  • Poem – The lines of the poem

Indeed, you no longer need a pen and paper to put your creative thoughts and ideas into writing. You can easily capture and write them down no matter where you are. Especially with inspiration striking at the most inopportune times, having the Klevernote Poem template with you at all times ensures that your ideas won’t vanish into thin air. With the Klevernote poem template, rhyme time can happen anytime!