Project Tracker

By March 16, 2016

Do you need a way to keep a record of all your projects? Whether you’re a project manager by profession, a department manager, a small business owner, or even a student, you can make use of Klevernote’s Project Tracker template to keep a record of all the projects you have – both those that are ongoing and those that you have already completed. For the projects that are still ongoing, this iPhone app also allows you to keep track of their progress.

Klevernote’s Project Tracker template allows you to have a paperless way of tracking the status of your many projects. You can say goodbye to that bulky filing cabinet or that Excel sheet that you constantly need to maintain. With an iphone app that allows you to do the same things, all of the project information you need can be as easily accessed as a tap on your iphone.

The Klevernote Project Tracker template has the following fields:

  • Title – A title that will allow you to easily identify the project
  • Name – The name of the project
  • Date Opened – The date when the project commenced
  • Date Closed – The date when the project was completed
  • Purpose – The objective of the project
  • Outcome – The results of the project (especially for completed projects)
  • Sub-Projects – The small projects that spawned from the main project or that are related to the main project
  • Priorities – The areas or tasks of the project that need the most attention
  • Updates – The progress status of the project and other things that should be noted about the project
  • Support   The points of contact when support for the project is needed
  • Follow Up Required? – The option that allows you to indicate if something about the project needs to be followed up on
  • Contact – The main point of contact for the project
  • URL – The URL  for the website that contains more information about the project