By February 29, 2016

Are you a foodie or a chef wannabe? These days, trying out different types of food is the trend among most people. People now also like to try preparing different dishes on their own. With various recipes easily accessible and available on the Internet, you no longer need culinary expertise in order to whip up a good meal!

However, keeping track of all the recipes that you like can be quite tedious in that writing them down on a notebook can be quite cumbersome. The notebook can also get misplaced. On the other hand, keeping them in an electronic file may mean that you can access them only with your computer or laptop. Well, a better solution is to have these recipes on your iphone! How? By downloading and installing Klevernote’s Recipes template, you will have a way to easily keep a copy of your favorite recipes. This iphone app enables you store these recipes in an organized manner, making it easier to access them whenever and from wherever!

The Klevernote Recipes template has the following fields:

  • Title – The name of the recipe
  • Cooking Time – The amount of time it takes to cook the dish
  • Serves – The number of people that the completed dish can serve
  • Vegan? – An option that allows you to indicate whether the dish is a vegan dish
  • Course – The part of the meal for which the dish is served (Breakfast, Mains, Desserts, etc.)
  • Requires Oven? — An option that allows you to indicate whether cooking the dish requires you to use an oven
  • Steps – The step-by-step procedure for cooking the dish
  • Photo – A picture of the cooked dish
  • Rate – Your rating for how good the dish is