Research Notes

By March 16, 2016

Are you doing research for a term paper or a thesis and need a way to easily organize your notes? Doing research can be very tedious and simply writing down your notes on a piece of paper or on a notebook can easily get very chaotic, with your handwriting soon becoming ineligible. Well, a better way to manage your research notes is to use an iphone app such as Klevernote’s Research Notes template.

The Research Notes template allows you to take note of all the information that you need to include in your paper, along with the corresponding reference information. This allows you to more easily organize your thoughts as you’re writing and will save you time from searching for the piece of information you wrote down somewhere. This Klevernote template is also conveniently installed on your iphone, which means that you can easily take it with you to the library where you will do your research or to the coffee shop where you will write your paper.

The Klevernote Research Notes template has the following fields:

  • Title – The title of the paper you’re researching for
  • Source Title – The title of the reference (e.g. book, journal magazine, newspaper, etc.) you’re using
  • Author – The author of the reference you’re using
  • Page Or Reference – The page in the reference from which you paraphrased or directly quoted some text
  • Website — The URL where the online reference that you used can be accessed
  • Note – Any notes or remarks you may have about the reference
  • Topic – The topic being discussed in the reference
  • Photo/Scan – A photo of the page or text from the reference that you want to use for your paper
  • Used? –An option that allows you to indicate whether you actually used the source in your paper