Work Order

By March 16, 2016

Are you a consultant or a freelancer who works with many clients? Do you get confused due to the many work orders and projects that you’re working on? Get organized now and start working more efficiently with Klevernote’s Work Order template!

! If you’re a work nomad and are always on the go, then you will especially love this template as you can take the Klevernote iPhone app with you wherever you go. There’s no more excuse to be confused, as you can easily double check all the details of the projects you’re working on!

The Klevernote Work Order template has the following fields:

  • Title – A descriptive title for the work order
  • Customer Name – The name of the customer who gave the work  order
  • Phone – The customer’s contact number
  • Email – The customer\s email address
  • Type of work – the classification of the tasks involved in the work order (New Lead, Installation, Setup, Maintenance Visit)
  • Photo – A picture that is related to the work order (e,g. screenshot of an error message, invoice, and others)
  • Details – The specifics of the work order, such as the tasks that need to be done or the issues that need to be addressed

With the Klevernote Work Order template, it now becomes easier to manage your work orders and to ensure that you are able to give all of them the attention they need. Live a truly carefree work life. By having all your work details right on your iPhone, you can focus on actually doing the work instead of on trying to remember the nitty gritty details.